Beautiful Skirted Bikinis

Are you passionate about swimming? Are you consistently on the look out for the latest in swim wear? Have you taken a look at the Skirted bikini? If not, this is one swim wear option you should check out. This type of bikini is designed as the regular two-piece with the skirted option around the hips. Ti is fashionable, hot and very happening. It is being sported by celebrities and the who’s who of the fashion world.

You can see the Skirted bikini on television, the silver screen and the exotic beach locales visited by the rich and the famous. However, now you don’t have to be rich to wear one but will certainly get famous by wearing one. You can choose from the bold animal prints to the suave plain and single color tones to the vibrant floral prints and graffiti designs. The Skirted bikini sure makes a huge impact on what others by the poolside or beach think of you.

A skirt with a difference!

The skirted part of the lower segment of the bikini adds to the enigma of the ensemble. It could be the single and completely stitched one-piece option or the bold and revealing two-piece! With the skirt you have the option of removing the segment too. Many designs come with the skirt secured onto the apparel with Velcro or a zip. All you have to do is either unzip or simple rip-off to generate the impression you want to!

With a Skirted bikini one thing is for sure – you are going to make men ogle and call for attention. The skirt is a huge hit even in cultures where the regular bikini is considered a bold swimwear option. Now with the Skirted bikini you could flaunt the legs without revealing the small amount of flab on the upper thighs. The skirted type of bikini is designed for the modern woman who openly shows a preference for privacy and chic. The designs in skirt patterns and prints allow you to add personality to the apparel. You could also invest in the ones that flaunt the shimmer or silk and those that remain flared even after a dozen laps. With a little online or offline comparison shopping you can access the lines of local and international brands and take your pick according to the budget in mind. The skirted variety of bikini is designed with you and functionality in mind!   

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